Annual Report 2017

Our Annual Report 2017 gives an overview of our activities and our organisational development.

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DRI's work in Ukraine

Awareness. Engagement. Accountability. These are the key concepts behind DRI’s approach to supporting democracy in Ukraine. We believe that empowering citizens, especially in the regions, is the best way to contribute to an inclusive reform process.

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Assessment of the Lebanese Electoral Framework ahead of the 6 May Elections

On 6 May, Lebanon will elect its parliament under a new proportional electoral system. DRI and LADE have assessed the new law.

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DRI's work in Georgia

In partnership with the Georgia Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) we have addressed the critical issue of extreme political polarisation within Georgian society and politics.

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Pakistan's 2018 Delimitation of Electoral Districts: Analysis of preliminary results

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has recently re-drawn electoral constituencies across the country, putting more emphasis on administrative boundaries than equality of the vote.

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Right-wing Twitter propaganda against GroKo

Right-wing activists that targeted Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz during the German elections are back at it.

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False frames

How we undermine democracy with careless language

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Sri Lanka: Let’s Talk About Our Constitution!

We prepared the brochure “Let’s Talk About Our Constitution” to provide a fact-based summary of the constitutional reform process and the key proposals submitted within the Constitutional Assembly.

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