5 Facts on the State of Hungary’s Democracy

New data report uncovers real impact of Orban reforms on Hungary’s courts, media and democracy


Millennials debate Ukraine’s democratic future

We've been up and down the country listening to what students and young people have to say about the big issues and engaging them in a debate competition on constitutional changes in Ukraine

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Talking Constitutional Reform in Sri Lanka’s Districts

To engage Sri Lankans and raise awareness about the constitutional reform process, DRI and CPA have conducted a series of dialogues at the local level across the island's 25 districts

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Public Council of Integrity – Ukraine’s know-how in selection of judges

The Public Council of Integrity is a new feature added to Ukraine’s institutional framework for selecting judges.

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Extreme polarisation holds Georgia back - new DRI study and event

Political polarisation stalls Georgia’s democratic progress and splits society down the middle, new DRI study says

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Bringing democracy closer to the people : Tunisia’s decentralisation reforms

Responding to the demands of the 2011 revolution, the 2014 constitution foresees a process of decentralisation.

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Myanmar Democracy Fellowship - be the change you want to see

Fellows on our Myanmar fellowship programme visited the country’s upper house to gain firsthand experience of the workings of parliament.

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Reforming Decentralisation in Lebanon - The State of Play

Why has decentralisation be so challenging in Lebanon? What are the current difficulties faced by local governance and how could they be solved? To find out, read our newest Briefing Paper

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