DRI Annual Report 2018

Learn more about our work in 2018

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Online Threats to Democratic Debate

A Framework for a Discussion on Challenges and Responses

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Age is the limit?

Background of the CJEU case C-619/18 Commission v Poland

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At a Glance: Libya's Transformation 2011 - 2018

An interactive online timeline connecting the dots of how Libya got to where it is now

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Monitoring Libya’s Public Discourse Online

DRI report series identifies key narratives that shape Libyan public opinion

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A Search for Compromise – Debate on Tunisia’s Democracy and Constitution

High-level panel discusses challenges and way forward

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What is happening to Poland's judges?

Europe’s Concern: The Polish Struggle over its Courts

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The high price of extreme political polarisation in Georgia (report)

In the realm of politics, Georgia is extremely polarised. But, unlike the political divisions that are opening up across Europe, in Georgia there is often no clear ideological distinction between the competing political interests and parties.

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