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Against the backdrop of a growing Syrian refugee population in Lebanon and the inability of the central government to deliver some basic public services, decentralisation has become a major topic. The constitution includes decentralisation, but is vague on its extent and the responsibilities of national and local institutions. As a result, the decentralisation process has been dysfunctional and citizens’ needs have not been properly addressed by national and local government.

DRI is working with Lebanese civil society organisations and government representatives at the local and national level to enhance decentralisation in line with good governance principles. So far, DRI has published a Briefing Paper on the State of Play of Decentralisation in Lebanon to create a basic point of reference for questions on the current state of decentralisation and further inform the ongoing debate on local governance.

In a second step, DRI is assessing the role of municipal federations in public service delivery to understand their needs and challenges and develop concrete policy recommendations to improve the decentralisation process. Based on our research findings and insights from our partners, DRI raises awareness and advocates for better local governance. We also provide technical expertise to the Parliamentary Committee on Administration and Justice to support its debate on a decentralisation bill.


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