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Supporting democratic reforms in Ukraine

The 2014 Euromaidan revolution ushered in a new political era in Ukraine, opening a ‘window of opportunity’ for widespread political reforms. From early on DRI has worked with Ukrainian reform-minded activists and experts to promote awareness of the reforms undertaken by the government. Between 2014-2016, DRI’s work in Ukraine focused on providing independent public analysis and reporting on the constitutional, judicial and decentralisation reforms.

While continuing to monitor the key reform developments, DRI is now increasingly engaged with the younger generation of civil society, such as youth and students organisations, university lecturers and activist groups throughout Ukraine, working to improve their long-term capacities to engage in productive, well-informed dialogue and advocacy for reforms. The aim of this engagement is to link reform-oriented national, regional and local civic initiatives throughout Ukraine, facilitating their networking, coalition and partnership building.

DRI’s programme in Ukraine was launched with support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is currently funded by the German Foreign Office.  

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