False frames

How we undermine democracy with careless language

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Europe’s democracies are transforming and ‘populism’ is a poor explanation

Our debate brought together 25 academic experts such as Ivan Krastev, Ilke Toygür, Richard Youngs and Takis Pappas as well as diplomats and civil society representatives from ten European countries.

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Ukraine’s lessons: Fighting disinformation and defending democracy

Are self-organised activities of civil society enough to achieve reforms? How to identify fake news? Find out the opinions of leading experts on this and many other questions.

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Social Media in the German Elections, Issue No. 2

With only six days until the German elections, we take another look at how the campaign is unfolding on Twitter.

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Time to find "content" for federalism in Myanmar

DRI brings key players together to review the political deal that resulted from the recent Union peace conference.

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Decentralising Government - What you need to know!

DRI's reference document on decentralisation and democracy

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CommunicaThon. Unpacking political polarisation

More than forty people from all over Georgia tried to ‘debug’ Georgian politics by developing communication campaigns on the topic of extreme political polarisation, during"Communicathon", organised by DRI and GYLA.

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5 Facts on the State of Hungary’s Democracy

New data report uncovers real impact of Orban reforms on Hungary’s courts, media and democracy