available languages: english March 1, 2016


Since 2014 the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) of Libya has embarked upon the formidable challenge of forging a political consensus on the draft constitution. The February 3, 2016 version of the draft constitution represents a major milestone in progress towards the ultimate goal of the adoption of a new constitution for the country.
This paper reviews the provisions of this draft to form a perspective on the emerging new vision of local governance for Libya. It further suggests options for improving the draft provisions based upon lessons from good international practices. The following paragraphs present a summary of the analysis reported in the paper for a) the overall role and structure of local government and intergovernmental relations; b) the role of the governorates (aqaleems/wilayahs/districts); and c) the role of municipalities (baladiyats). Finally, an overview of findings and recommendations is detailed.


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Photo: Erhan Sevenler/AA/Abaca Press/MCT/ flickr