available languages: english June 26, 2017

Political parties and fragmented Media

The media sources shared by political parties in NRW rarely intersected. The main parties share links and stories from Die Welt and WDR the most, whereas the AfD’s account, @AlternativeNRW, is often alone in the type of media it shares the most, with right-leaning sites like Junge Freiheit and Tichys EinBlick or right-wing, anti-Islam blogs like Philosopphia Perennis.

Questioning electoral integrity

Leading up to the NRW election, supporters of the AfD used social media to cast doubts on the electoral process, alleging a serious risk of electoral fraud. This was often couched in calls for AfD supporters to volunteer as election observers for the party, which is permitted by the electoral law. Calls were often alarmist also asking for the deployment of requests as early as August 2016 for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to monitor the polls in the state elections.

Typical tweets about election observers (#Wahlbeobachter) warned against electoral fraud (#Wahlbetrug):