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DRI has been active in Pakistan since 2010 when it opened its first project office in Islamabad. Between 2010-2013, DRI’s work in Pakistan focused on fostering a stronger electoral process ahead of the 2013 general elections. While still engaged with Pakistan’s electoral process, DRI’s involvement in the country has greatly expanded in the past few years. Since 2014, through the incentivising framework of GSP+, DRI is working with civil society and other social actors to ensure the effective implementation of Pakistan’s international labour and human rights commitments. DRI is now also engaged with local governments, working to build their capacities to effectively utilise the authority with which decentralisation has mandated them. Moreover, working at the intersection of democracy and technology, DRI has supported anaylsis of the democratic discourse online, specifically investigating hate speech and disinformation around Pakistan’s 2018 elections.

The thematic areas of DRI’s country programme in Pakistan at a glance:


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