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Synthetic Truth: Disinformation Tools, Tactics and Narratives on the Radar

Recent events in the world have been the subject of disinformation narratives, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, and elections in different countries. What are the tactical elements involved in fabricating these narratives and the technological tools used to distribute harmful content globally?

With the support of the German Federal Foreign Office, Democracy Reporting International (DRI) analyses false online narratives and forecasts the technical and strategic innovations that may shape the online environment of the future. 

On 6 July at 15:00-16:30 CET, we will launch our first Biannual report titled ‘On the radar: Mapping the tools, tactics and narratives of tomorrow's disinformation environment’ and assess the project's initial findings. Is cutting-edge technology replacing human agency in the dissemination of disinformation? Have we entered an era of deepfakes? In what ways do new machine learning models assist lone wolf agents or (re)empower nation-states? 

Lena-Maria Böswald, DRI's Digital Democracy Programme Officer, will address these questions by highlighting the report's key findings. 

We will also discuss the risks and benefits of open-source technology in the (dis)information environment with our panellists: 

  • Brandi Geurkink, Senior Policy Fellow at Mozilla 
  • Gundars Bergmanis-Korāts, Senior Expert on AI at NATO StratCom COE 

With moderation by:

  • Jan Nicola Beyer, DRI's Digital Democracy Research Coordinator  

With initial and ending remarks by: 

  • Heather Thompson, DRI's Digital Democracy Programme Manager 

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