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The Rule of Law versus the Rule of the Algorithm: A Symposium by DRI and Verfassungsblog

The rollout of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and an increased use of algorithms pose new challenges affecting fundamental human rights, from privacy to filter bubbles, work automation and many more. The rise of AI is yet another reminder that the law often struggles to keep up with the pace of technology.

Will we have a Rule of the Law or a Rule of the Algorithm? For the latter, we need to do nothing. For the former, experts agree that we need some form of intervention. Policymakers need to close the gap between technology and the law. 

Under the title 'Rule of the Law vs Rule of the Algorithm', Democracy Reporting International and Verfassungsblog have joined forces to publish a series of articles written by experts in the legal field analyzing the compatibility between algorithms and fundamental elements of the rule of law. 

Check out more info at Verfassungsblog's page for our Symposium 'The Rule of the Law vs the Rule of the Algorithm'.

Access all of the articles, to be published between 28 March and 1 April, in the links below:  

Preview article: The Rule of Law versus the Rule of the Algorithm, written by Michael Meyer-Resende and Marlene Straub. 

Article 1: Artificial Intelligence Must Be Used According to the Law, or Not at All, by Paul Nemitz and Eike Gräf.  

Article 2: Our Minds, Monitored and Manipulated: How AI Impacts Public Discourse and Democracy by Catelijne Muller, Christofer Talvitie and Noah Schöppl

Article 3: Regulating Recommending: Legal and Policy Directions for Governing Platforms by Jennifer Cobbe and Jat Singh.

Article 4: Algorithm Centrism in the DSA's Regulation of Recommender Systems by Paddy Leerssen.

Article 5: Proactive Contestation of AI Decision-making by Perry Keller and Archie Drake.

Article 6: Artificial Intelligence, Human Flourishing and the Rule of Law by Stanley Greenstein.

Article 7: Regulating News Recommender Systems in Light of the Rule of Law by Sarah Eskens.

Article 8: Global Inequities in Algorithm by Shmyla Khan.

Article 9: High Tech, Low Fidelity? Statistical Legal Tech and the Rule of Law by Laurence Diver and Pauline McBride.

Article 10: Thoughts on the Black Box: Getting to Cooperative Intelligence in Public Administration by Jacob Livingston Slosser, Henrik Palmer Olsen and Thomas Hildebrandt.

Article 11: The Paradox of Efficiency: Frictions Between Law and Algorithms by Ana Valdivia and Javier de la Cueva.

Article 12: Rule of Law, AI, and "the Individual" by Anuj Puri.

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