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Update: Social Media Monitoring Database

Everyone is talking about the impact of social media on elections and democratic discourse - but how can you use data to provide tangible evidence for disinformation, coordinated inauthentic behaviour, bots and deepfakes? 

That's where our updated social media monitoring database comes into play! Are you interested in Tweets or TikToks? Do you want to dive into data scraping - or start with visual analysis instead?

Explore the possibilities of social media monitoring by asking yourself these questions:

  • Which tool can you apply?
  • For what purpose can you use it?
  • How can you install it?
  • What does the tool offer?
  • Where can you learn more about it?

Click on the picture below and find out which social media monitoring tools work for you.

The Digital Democracy Monitor Toolkit is part of a project funded by Civitates with contributions from MEMO 98 that helps civil society, journalists, researchers, and anyone with how to prepare social media research, how to build one’s own methodology and how to access data.

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