Results of our social media monitoring and research into AI platforms

Taking the pulse of Europe: Online debates around the EU elections

Legal Principles on the Ballot: Rule of Law in European Parties’ Manifestos

Delve deep into a wealth of information about the judiciary systems of EU member states

Judiciary Hub - Our Tool to Unpack EU Courts



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Democracy Reporting International (DRI) strengthens democracy by shaping the institutions that make it sustainable. We support local ways of promoting democracy with impartial analysis and good practices, bringing international standards to life.

The belief that people are active participants in public life, not subjects of their governments, guides what we do. We work with local actors to protect and expand our shared democratic space in a polarised world, regardless of political opinions or personal beliefs.

In 2020, we were active in 42 countries through 26 projects with 81 partners.

26 Projects
81 Partners
42 Countries