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Launch of the Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity

Democracy Reporting International has joined the Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity (GNSEI), a network comprising 30 leading organisations across the globe working in the field of elections.

With a mandate to ensure that electoral processes reflect the will of the people, the concept for GNSEI was announced by U.S. President Joe Biden during the first Summit for Democracy held in 2021.

The Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity

During a time when democratic elections around the world face an evolving and increasingly complex set of threats and challenges, sustained cooperation among global electoral integrity stakeholders is urgently needed. 

The Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity convenes election stakeholders around a shared vision: to inspire and inform action to advance electoral integrity in the face of critical threats to democracy. Specifically, GNSEI brings together leading international electoral integrity actors to establish a broad-based platform to develop, advance, and promote adherence to norms, guiding principles, and codes of conduct that address emerging and long-term threats to electoral integrity. While there are other platforms and forums that focus on specific election integrity issues or bring together sub-communities of election integrity actors, there has not been a standing platform for these electoral integrity actors to regularly and systematically cooperate.

Want to learn more? Don’t miss GNSEI’s launch event

The network is publicly launching on Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 8 - 9:30 AM EST / 1 -  2:30 PM CET. Register for this online event by clicking the button below.


What will GNSEI do?

The shared mission of GNSEI is to ensure that elections – and the institutions, norms, principles, and processes underpinning them – reflect the will of all people.

The Network has two primary objectives:

  • To strengthen the electoral integrity norms framework by leveraging GNSEI’s collective expertise to identify critical threats to elections, promote awareness of and adherence to existing norms and good practices. Additionally where there are gaps, shape consensus around guiding principles and effective methods to address emerging concerns.
  • To provide a standing platform for an expanded network of actors to defend and promote electoral integrity by sharing innovative and effective practices; encouraging conversations on how to dis-incentivize actors from undermining elections; and building relationships between a variety of actors that can enable coordination and rapid response in the face of threats, including those from other sectors whose work has bearing on electoral integrity, such as rule-of-law actors, human rights defenders, anti-corruption bodies, and the information integrity and technology sectors.

Who is part of GNSEI?

Please see below for a detailed list of Network Participants and Observers.

Networks Participants

Network Observers