Local governance Moldova

A democracy school for active Moldovan citizens

Instigation to Democracy is the second edition of a training programme for community leaders in Moldova, encouraging them to apply principles of civic participation. This capacity-building school intends to mobilise regional community activists to become watchdogs of the actions of authorities and advocates for important social issues. 

In this programme – organised by Democracy Reporting International and the Centre for Policies and Reforms (CPR) –  participants will: 

  • Identify issues in their communities; 
  • Find realistic and efficient solutions to address these;
  • Conduct persuasive dialogues with authorities. 

Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office in the context of the German Eastern Partnership Programme and running from May until December 2022, Instigation to Democracy empowers regional community activists who want to actively engage in decision-making processes at the local level in Moldova. The programme enables participants to become drivers of change ultimately contributing to more resilient communities. 

The school’s modules focus on: 

  • Democracy tools and community engagement; 
  • Community programme management;
  • Community support during crises/emergencies;
  • Efficient communication; and
  • Implementation of participants' projects, supported by mentors. 

This is the second edition of Instigation to Democracy. The first training programme took place between 2018 and 2019 and received funding from the FCO Good Governance Fund.

Below you can see some pictures taken during the 2018-2019 edition.

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