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DRI gathers 13 Global Experts to #DisruptDisinfo

Through the DisinfoRadar project, Democracy Reporting International analyses emerging technologies and new strategies that malign or naive actors will soon use to spread online disinformation. By understanding tomorrow's disinformation toolkit, we help democratic societies anticipate future challenges to public discourse. 

We are aware that this work cannot take place in silos. This is why we are convening representatives from the private sector, government, civil society, the media and other actors in a working group that will help us disrupt the disinformation space of tomorrow.

From September to December, the 13 experts from different corners of the world will share insights from their efforts to counter disinformation and bring regional perspectives on the influence of new technologies on democratic decision-making. 

Laying the groundwork for our DisinfoCon 

The working group members will have the opportunity to present the results of their ongoing projects and improve the quality, context and visibility of the work of all participating organisations. 

All this shared knowledge will feed our coming DisinfoCon, a conference that will take place in Berlin to bring solution-oriented perspectives to emerging disinformation trends. The members will speak on panels about the topics discussed in the working group and will be able to expand their professional networks during in-person sessions.  

We are trying to build a robust and sustainable global network of experts, a standing group willing to work together in addressing the complex and rapidly evolving threats posed by online disinformation.

See below a list of the experts that will be part of the #DisrputDisinfo Working Group: 

  • Tetyana Bohdanova, Elections and civil society development specialist
  • Sam Gregory, Director of Programs, Strategy and Innovation, WITNESS
  • Helena Schwertheim, Senior Digital Policy & Research Manager, Institute for Strategic Dialogue
  • Wafaa Heika, Social Media Analyst, Democracy Reporting International
  • Frederico Alvim, Chief Advisor to Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court
  • Aingkaran Kugathasan, Attorney - at - Law, Human Rights Practitioner, Political and Legal Analyst
  • Daniel Weimert, Senior Public Policy Associate, Twitter
  • Anayit Khoperiya, Independent writer, researcher and political analyst
  • Lutz Güllner, Head of strategic communications, European External Action Service
  • Nanjala Nyabola, Independent writer, researcher and political analyst
  • Guy Mentel, President and CLO, Global Americans
  • Fernando Hortal Foronda, Digital Policy Officer, European Partnership for Democracy
  • Odanga Madung, Independent data journalist and entrepreneur

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