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DRI is Investigating Online Political Posts Surrounding the 2024 EU Elections

Democracy Reporting International has assembled a team of nine social media researchers from different European countries for an in-depth and wide-ranging analysis of online public discourse ahead of the European elections. This ambitious Social Media Monitoring Hub is a part of our access://democracy project and aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the major topics and trends in online political speech surrounding the upcoming European vote.  

By identifying relevant European and country-specific topics, as well as online threats such as hate speech and disinformation, our project will provide a nuanced understanding of the online election discourse across the EU. We couldn’t do this alone, so we enlisted the help of nine researchers from across the EU. From March to July, we will lead and support this team of specialists from France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Hungary Italy, Lithuania, Sweden and Romania, in producing research into the online political environment of their countries. As part of the project, the researchers will comb through and analyse public posts of political parties, leaders, media and public figures across both Facebook and Instagram. In addition to assisting with data retrieval, our DD team will also be organising working group meetings, where contributors to the Hub can discuss research findings and best practices. The culmination of this project will be a detailed report with a comparative analysis of countries and common European-level trends, as well as an interactive online infographic for direct and easy access to our data and findings. 

The Social Media Monitoring Hub is a testament to the power of collaborative research and embodies DRI’s commitment to fostering democratic resilience in the digital age. See below a list of the experts that will be part of the Social Media Monitoring Hub:   

  • Dr. Márton Bene, Senior Research Fellow at the HUN-REN Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest, and Assistant Professor at ELTE Eötös Loránd University, Budapest 
  • Mikhail Doroshevich, Executive Director at the Baltic Internet Policy Intitative  
  • Kieran Murphy, researcher with a background in investigating hate speech and conspiracy theories 
  • Agnieszka Kasztalska, Python developer for Tooploox with a background in criminal law, human rights, and democratic institutions 
  • Julien Labarre, PhD candidate at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Administrator of the Center for Information Technology & Society 
  • Voinea Madalina, digital research analyst at the IRI’s Beacon Project and Doublethink’s China Watch program 
  • Caio Ponce de Leon Ribeiro Freire, PhD candidate at the University of Duisburg-Essen 
  • Renan Magalhães, PhD candidate at Europa-Universität Viadrina 
  • Francesca Giannaccini, Research Associate at Democracy Reporting International  

    About access://democracy  

In the access://democracy project funded by the Mercator Foundation, DRI aims to help protect electoral integrity and citizen trust in elections in the EU. In 2023, DRI and their partners monitored elections in Poland and Spain. 

This work is supported by

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