Graphic Designer (individual and/or studio)


Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is an international NGO registered in Berlin that promotes the political participation of citizens, the accountability of state bodies and the development of democratic institutions world-wide. 

DRI strives to provide relevant and timely information on democratic topics and political developments. Design plays a critical role in our online and print products, showcasing our analysis or research in the democracy promotion field.  


Freelancers and design agencies/studios are eligible to apply for this framework contract. 

Applicants must be able to provide evidence of their legal status and registration in accordance with the laws of their country of residence. 


DRI is looking to establish framework contracts with 3 graphic designers or graphic design studios to produce various design materials, including brochures, mock-ups, reports, infographics, and other relevant materials. All the materials produced must meet DRI's branding guidelines and standards. 


The graphic designer/studio will be tasked with: 

  • Collaborate with different DRI’s teams to understand their design needs and create materials that meet their requirements. 
  • Provide creative input and suggestions to improve the visual impact of materials. 
  • Ensure that all materials are produced on time and to the required quality standards (please, refer to the Annex for our suggested timelines for the production of publications. Alternatives will be considered) 
  • Provide regular updates on progress and any issues that may arise during the production process.  
  • Work with UX/UI best practices and guidelines to produce user-centirc design. 

Example of deliverables 

The Graphic Designer will deliver: 

  • Brochures (print and digital); 
  • Reports (with different brand guidelines); 
  • Infographics; 
  • Social media graphics; 
  • Presentations; 


  • Graphic production and animation for Instagram reels 
  • UI/UX wireframes and website design. 


The graphic designer/studio will work independently and remotely but must be available during Berlin business hours (9-17, Monday-Friday) for communication and coordination purposes. 


The framework contact will be signed for 2 years and will be renewable for 2 years. Framework contracts have maximum duration of 4 years.  

Application requirements 

Please include in your application the below documents. The documents should demonstrate the selection criteria outlined below. Inclusion of the correct documents in the application and adequate fulfilment of the selection criteria will be used to select the three successful bidders. Applications that fail to include all the below documents will be rejected. 


  • Proven experience and track record in designing the deliverables outlined above for past clients. Past work should be visible, either via online URLS, or any other electronic format (PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, Word files, etc) 

Application document 

  • Describe how you would approach the design of the deliverables above. How can an organisation such as DRI leverage design to maximise its impact?  (1 page max). 
  • A proposed hourly rate.  


 Name, address, email, phone number, website 

  • Years in business / years of experience 
  • Form of ownership, any parent company or subsidiaries, no. of employees 
  • CVs of the team members to be deployed in the project 
  • Any relevant certification 

Individuals can send their CVs with the following information:  

 Name, address, email, phone number, website (if any) 

  • Years of experience 
  • Any relevant certification  

How to apply 

The deadline for submissions is 19 March 2023. Please send the application document to Albert Guasch ([email protected]).  


The submission for this tender document does not entail any commitment on the part of DRI, either financial or otherwise. 

Data processing of personal data in third countries will not take place. We process your data in accordance with the provisions of § 26 German Federal Data Protection Act. More information about processing your personal data: privacy policy. 

DRI is committed to diversity and does not discriminate based upon gender (including pregnancy), race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, ability, socio-economic status, or any other status protected by the laws in the locations where we operate. 


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