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Deepfakes and elections: A quick guide for electoral stakeholders

Elections are times of high risk, when a realistic deepfake could have an immediate impact on voters. What can electoral stakeholders do, particularly civil society organisations and election management bodies that monitor social media discourse, to counter this threat? In this quick guide, DRI provides a brief background on the topic and on resources that can help you in monitoring manipulated media during elections: 

  • How might deepfake technology be used during elections?
  • What do we know based on recent elections? 
  • What can electoral stakeholders do? 

Check out possible scenarios and responses here:

This paper is the last of a three-part series, in which DRI is exploring deepfakes as an emerging disinformation threat. In the first paper, we provided an overview of the deepfake threat. In a second paper, DRI interviewed 22 experts from civil society, tech companies and academia to understand how prepared we are for this threat and presented recommendations.

This series is part of a project funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.


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