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Guide to monitoring image and video-based social media

Video manipulation tools are increasingly cheaper and easier to access, and the popularity of video-based platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram continues to rise. Since image and video are powerful mediums for impacting human emotions, manipulated posts on these platforms can serve to influence public perceptions of political issues in alarming ways.  

At the same time, there is a lack of systematic analysis of image and video disinformation patterns and their effects on visual social media platforms.

This guide provides comprehensive resources for monitoring images and videos and gathering data from web-based platforms, in particular: 

  • How to verify individual images and videos 
  • Tips and examples of coding categories for monitoring 
  • Tools and techniques for large-scale monitoring and storage of data 
  • A review of a few current deepfake detection tools available to users

The information provided in this guide will take researchers through the process of studying manipulated media content from start to finish.

Download the full guide below.


Guide to Monitoring Image and Video-based Social Media Download

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