2020 Annual Report

The last year will be hard to forget. While 2019 was marked by popular protests, 2020 was the year of the lockdown as our lives were upended by the covid-19 pandemic. From our politics and economies to our everyday routines, we experienced dramatic shifts as governments across the world introduced strict measures to contain the virus.

As an organisation committed to promoting and defending democracy around the world, we adjusted our programmes, moved activities online and shifted our work to monitor how the pandemic affected human rights, elections, and the rule of law.

During a time when governments held an unusual amount of power, DRI was ever-present – holding governments accountable at this essential time and supporting communities advocating for democratic principles online and offline.

Our activities throughout the year reflect this mission, as you can find in our 2020 Annual Report. The report highlights how we helped support the democratic process, raise awareness, and increase citizens’ engagement in local communities.

Although the pandemic is far from over and many countries still struggle with new virus variants, DRI will continue its efforts to uphold democracy everywhere we work.

Read the full report below to find out more!


Annual Report 2020 Web Final Download