2022 Annual Report

In the year 2022, the world was confronted with severe geopolitical tensions, weakened economies and a new wave of technological disruption in the form of AI. All these challenges have impacted democracy, making the work of Democracy Reporting International all the more relevant. 

We have been part of the collective response against Russia's full-fledged invasion of Ukraine. We have held a discussion on democracy in times of war in Kyiv and monitored social media to understand how the war is being perceived online. 

As many people in Asia took to the streets to demand their rights, we continued to strengthen the role of civil society in countries such as Pakistan and Myanmar, where we also fostered a culture of inclusive dialogue. As the region undergoes turmoil, our work in Asia has been increasingly difficult to sustain.

In Tunisia, also in a challenging context, we supported the rule of law and encouraged young people to participate actively in public affairs.

In Lebanon and Libya, we continued our work supporting civil society - especially youth and women – and providing national and local governments with proposals and advice.

In the European Union, we expanded our capacity-building efforts for journalists and media professionals when reporting on rule of law issues. We also produced groundbreaking research on court rulings adopted by the EU institutions.

As part of our Digital Democracy area, we anticipated many of the threats and disinformation challenges the AI revolution has brought upon us and monitored social media in countries around the globe. Resulting from our research and analysis, we advocated recommendations via media commentary and in front of policymakers. 

To delve deeper into our impact in 2022, access our Annual Report.

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