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DRI Facilitates Participatory Community Actions Across Lebanon

As part of DRIs commitment to support development projects in various regions of Lebanon through collaborating with local CSOs, townhall meetings were organised to build ownership and stakeholder buy-in toward a series of community actions. The meetings were conducted in five geographical areas, each with its unique focus. Through these townhall meetings, DRI and its partners successfully engaged with grassroots initiatives and involved the community in shaping projects that address their needs toward a brighter future. 

On 24 May, a townhall meeting was held in Akkar, attended by 25 participants, including youths, social activists, municipality representatives, potential municipal candidates, farmers, and key stakeholders from Akkar. The focus was on the implementation of capacity-building workshops for youth, emphasising their right to access information and service mapping/data entry to support farmers. In Hrar, a youth committee will be formed, comprising 30 members of diverse backgrounds, to receive training on topics like municipal law, procurement law, access to information, and advocacy campaigns. 

The discussion centered around the implementation of capacity-building workshops for youth, emphasizing their right to access information

Continuing the momentum, DRI collaborated with the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace (LFPCP) for a townhall meeting in Tripoli on 26 May, engaging with representatives from the local community to shape their initiatives for maximum positive change. 

A townhall meeting in Tripoli

On 27 May, another townhall meeting took place in Deir El Ahmar, in partnership with Smart Municipality Academy (SMA) and various community and municipal representatives. Special projects for the area were evaluated, involving all stakeholders in the decision-making process to inspire collective action and positive outcomes. 

Townhall meeting in Deir El Ahmar, in partnership with Smart Municipality Academy

On 30 May, the series of townhall meetings continued in Kfarshuba, where DRI, along with Tamadun, connected with community representatives, actively listening to their valuable ideas to ensure the projects' impact and significance for the local community. 

A town hall meeting in Kfarshuba, in partnership with Tamadun.

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