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Draft municipal laws make a comeback at Parliament

On 7–8 November 2023, DRI and the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace (LFPCP) organised a two-day policy dialogue at the Lebanese Parliament in the presence of 21 members of Parliament and several municipal officials.

The attendees debated the two draft law proposals on municipal fees and revenues as well as the collection procedures developed by DRI and LFPCP. Earlier this year, both partners visited representatives of the major parliamentary blocs to hand over the law proposals and discuss their importance to ensure the financial sustainability of municipalities and their unions in times of crisis.

DRI’s Country Representative, Dr. André Sleiman, presented an overview of the two law proposals, explaining how they can provide a solid ground for increased municipal revenues and improve financial management procedures in municipalities. Judge Elie Maalouf followed up with a detailed presentation of the proposals and how they can simplify municipal procedures.

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Administration and Justice Committee, MP Georges Adwan, added that “legislation is a continuous process (and that) we must keep pace with this stage with laws that reflect the situation in which we live.”

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