Local governance Lebanon

In-depth training on municipal work

“I started to feel that I am on the right path in municipal work.”

Mohammad Ali, a participant from Hiche Wadi Khaled Akkar.

In July, DRI rolled out a tailored training series in Beirut and Tripoli for elected municipal council members and prospective candidates from across Lebanese regions. Fast forward 6 months, municipal officials and potential candidates were brought together for a host of discussions on Access to Information Law, the Municipal mandate, and Municipal finance and budgeting- all part of an in-depth training programme.

People think that women’s political participation is limited to voting

“People think that women’s political participation is limited to voting, but little importance has been given to their participation as candidates.”

A female participant

Raed Sleiman from Akkar Wadi Khaled said the training was an eye-opener, “The training transformed the way I viewed governance and legal issues and made me more aware of the tools I can use as a future candidate.”

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