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Taking election campaigning to the next level

“The mixture of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises helped me understand how to best communicate with voters in my region as part of my future campaign,” that’s what Nada Baradhi, a participant from Rachaya in the West Bekaa region, told DRI about her experience in the capacity-sharing programme for incumbent municipal officials and prospective candidates.

The two workshop sessions gathered a total of 54 trainees from the Greater Beirut Area, Mount Lebanon, the Beqaa, and southern localities, in addition to activists and municipal representatives from Tripoli, Wadi Khaled, Menieh, Hasroun, and Koura. The first group met in Beirut on 4 November, and the second in Tripoli on 11 November.

Michel Daccache, who delivered the training, said the training was “divided between theory and practice where the trainees learnt different skills related to electoral campaigning tactics and applied them on the spot. The workshop was highly interactive, thanks to the participants sharing their perspectives and experiences on engaging their communities”.

Daccache introduced the participants to the fundamentals of electoral campaigning. The training focused on identifying and targeting voters and how to plan a campaign strategically. The trainees were then guided through a public communication exercise to formulate a slogan that reflects their respective election programmes and sway voters. Daccache also presented the principles of political communication and its practical applications.

For more information, please check our website for the previous five sessions.

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