Local governance Lebanon

DRI Lebanon’s nationwide study on public service delivery comes to an end

Amidst the significant delay in forming a new government since May 2018, the question how local authorities and their line ministries co-operate to deliver essential services has become even more important.

In order to understand the reality of how local authorities and the central government to deliver services, DRI Lebanon conducted interviews with 24 state administration officials and local authorities from 209 municipalities—20% of the overall number of municipalities in Lebanon. The survey assesses three sectors: solid waste management, municipal police and public safety, government integrity and citizen participation—all of which have stirred a lot of public debate lately amidst Lebanon’s protracted waste crisis and high levels of corruption.

We will present the results of the survey in early 2019 and use them for an upcoming evidence-based policy advocacy campaign that seeks to improve decentralised service delivery in the country.