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Report: Mapping the Change Movement in Lebanon

While political and societal change in Lebanon might seem impossible, given the tenacious hold of particular interest groups and political actors, there are tangible expressions of a new political and societal movement that has emerged in the country. A key example of this are
the 13 new “change” MPs won in the most recent parliamentary elections. Broadly defined as “the change movement” by its activists and wider public, this movement emerged from the 2015 “You Stink” protests, and the 17 October Revolution in 2019. What the movement’s aims are besides opposing the current establishment is difficult to pin down.

This report provides a deeper look into the emerging opposition politics in the country through an analysis of 30 political groups that are prominent in the loosely formed Lebanese change movement and that have emerged recently.
The study draws from research conducted on each group to decode their policy positions and relationships with other groups within and outside of the movement, including surveys and in-depth interviews with members of each group.

You can find the full report on the below attachment. 


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