About DRI Libya

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) has been working on Libya since 2012, collaborating with civil society to increase public awareness of, and engagement in, the country’s democratic process.  

What we do 

Our work in Libya focuses on three important areas: 

  • Enhance women’s decision-making role by improving their effective participation in political, social and economic life in Libya. 
  • Strengthen participatory governance at the sub-national level by bringing together governance actors with the communities they serve to understand priorities and co-create effective outcomes. 
  • Build connections to overcome polarisation and increase community engagement in the democratic process despite the country’s continued divisions.  

How we do it 

We use a host of methods to turn our goals into reality, including: 

  • Training civil society groups and supporting them to organise activities that increase women's presence, active inclusion and effective participation in public life.
  • Working with local governments to enhance their engagement with the communities they serve, for example by coaching them to prepare crisis communications plans with civil society to address the covid-19 pandemic
  • Bringing together diverse representatives of society across Libya to generate concrete recommendations to improve participatory governance.
  • Producing research and analysis that deepens understanding of the country’s political divisions and the ongoing political debates taking place offline and online
  • Supporting and amplifying the creation of independent multimedia content that challenges polarisation by holding competitions for Libyan filmmakers and radio producers.  


  • Fa'ela - Tapping into Women's Full Potential in Shaping Libya's State-Building Efforts - DRI seeks to enhance women’s role in decision making and effective participation in public life in Libya, working together with civil society and female leaders.
  • EU PAF III: Governance in Libya, Improved Service Delivery and Accountability at Local Level (ISAL) - Through training and knowledge-sharing with key actors DRI strengthens governance at the national and local level in the areas of rule of law, decentralisation, conflict prevention, participation and local service delivery.
  • Strengthening Libyan Civil Society Engagement on the Constitution and the Political Transition – DRI increased awareness and understanding of the Libyan public on the political transition, created opportunities for citizens to engage, and increased their digital political literacy through diverse media platforms.