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Fa’ela and FG4W Projects 2nd Quarterly Newsletter

A new edition of the Fa'ela project quaterly newsletter is out! Access it in the PDF below. 

Fa'ela was launched in 2020 and is implemented by DRI Libya in partnership with the Jusoor Centre for Studies and FG4W. The European Union and the Embassy of Canada fund it.

The objectives of the Fa'ela project

The Fa'ela project aims to strengthen the role of women in decision-making and effective participation in public life in Libya. Fa'ela supports this goal by involving women's civil society organisations and women leaders in joint initiatives and promoting a support network that seeks to improve women's engagement in social, political and economic life. 

Fa'ela's vision is one in which women civil society organisations are better trained and organised. As a result, these organisations are better connected and coordinate with their civil society peers and female decision-makers. If respected Libyan influential figures support these women's civil society organisations, female leaders and civil society will become more engaged in public life and encourage other women to do so. This will contribute to more and better female participation in Libya's public life. 

Download it below in English and Arabic.


DRI_LY-Fa_ela-FG4W 2nd Q Newsletter English Download
DRI_LY-Fa_ela-FG4W 2nd Q Newsletter Arabic Download
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