About DRI Myanmar

We have been working in Myanmar since 2013, working alongside our partners to help consolidate democracy and expand the public space. We thank all of our team in Myanmar for their hard work over the years. 

Our efforts were overshadowed by the February 2021 coup d’état, which slammed the door shut on democracy in Myanmar. Developments are fluid, however, and we will continue to work on Myanmar with those who believe that its citizens should decide their destiny.


  • Myanmar Vision 2030: Supporting Voices for Pluralism - Values, Rights and Religion: Change Makers´ Vision for Myanmar 2030 - PHASE II – In this project, DRI worked together with civil society and policymakers to provide analysis and discuss how diversity in Myanmar is being discussed on Facebook.
  • STEP II to Democracy – Support to Electoral Processes and Democracy – Looking ahead to the 2020 elections, DRI worked to strengthen institutions critical to Myanmar's democratic transition and promote effective, inclusive and accountable democratic governance, including through dozens of mentoring sessions on citizen election observation.
  • Support to the implementation of the European Union strategy for a strengthened partnership with civil society in Myanmar – Under the lead of ARS Progetti, DRI works under a Lot 3 (Human Rights, Democracy and Peace) EU framework contract to strengthen citizen groups in the country.