About DRI Pakistan

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) has been active in Pakistan since 2010supporting decentralisation efforts, human rights and strengthening civil society.  

What we do  

Our work in Pakistan focuses on three important areas: 

  • Work with public institutions and parliamentarians to make better laws, assist in improving parliamentary procedures and promote parliamentary actions and policies, especially on human rights and local provincial governance.
  • Collaborate with legislators to improve parliamentary oversight of government action, particularly during the covid-19 pandemic. 
  • Coordinate with parliamentarians, governments, and civil society groups to better democratic discourse and ensure that there is ample space for civil society to thrive in Pakistan.  

How we do it 

We use a host of different methods to turn our goals into reality, including: 

  • Helping parliamentarians and legislative committees develop their resilience by preparing contingency plans to ensure that their work continues during a crisis. 
  • Developing a provincial action plan to guide how the government protects human rights in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Generating and facilitating wider policy dialogue around emerging issuessuch as the impact of delayed elections, and analysing the local governance landscape in Pakistan. 
  • Surveying urban populations and raising awareness of the importance of local governance across the country.  


  • Consolidating democratic stability in Pakistan – In this project, DRI works to strengthen local constituencies and help consolidate Pakistan’s democratic transition through enhanced respect for human rights and stronger decentralised governance.
  • Improving the parliamentary oversight of the government´s covid-19 response – By supporting parliamentary committees in overseeing the pandemic response, including through over 100 one-on-one meetings with parliamentarians and other stakeholders as well as 18 policy briefs on covid-19 governance, DRI improved parliamentary oversight of crisis measures.
  • Overcoming shrinking civil society space through effective engagement with parliamentary structures and the media – Through this project, DRI strengthened the democratic space and discourse in Pakistan, which have increasingly come under attack.