Democratic discourse Pakistan

Engagement for Public Policy in Pakistan: A Toolkit for CSOs

This DRI toolkit provides knowledge and resources for civil society to effectively engage with the government and democratic institutions on pressing policy issues in Pakistan. As a crucial element of a democratic society, civil society can play a key role to safeguard public interests and engage in public policy discourse.

The toolkit also lays out information about civil society actors in Pakistan and their possible role in strengthening democracy as well as ways in which civil society can engage with key public policy players to influence public policy discourse. Readers are also provided with information on steps involved in advocacy planning and a toolbox of strategies that they can adopt to strengthen civic actions.

The toolkit was developed keeping in mind international best practices. The localised methods and strategies explained here can be used by civil society organisations and civic movements to introduce policy, legislative and institutional reforms with a view to sustain democracy, improve human rights protection and achieve an enabling environment for themselves to operate independently.


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