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Pakistan: Policy briefs on covid-19 response

As part of our work on parliamentary oversight in Pakistan, we monitor the government's covid-19 response in a project funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. We provide technical input to parliamentarians on key policy areas, aiming to strengthen parliamentary committees and secretariats, as well as supporting increased parliamentary participation to reclaim civic space.

Through this support, we hope to enable early recovery and resilience in the context of covid-19 and to contribute to Pakistan's parliamentary institutions becoming more inclusive, transparent, responsive, and accountable.

As a part of this effort, we put together a policy brief series that aims to improve and strengthen parliamentary oversight of the government's covid-19 response by providing parliamentarians with timely technical input on the key policy areas of education, health, emergency cash transfers, social protection, economic relief and food security.

The series of Policy Brief is available for download below.


DRI-Brief-8-Final_small Download
DRI-Brief_Ehsaas_small Download
DRI-brief_Eco-Stimulus-Package_small Download
DRI-Brief-Labour_Punjab_small Download
DRI-Brief_Food-Security_small Download
DRI-Brief_Health_small Download
DRI-Brief_LHWs_small Download
DRI-Poliy-Brief_Education_small Download