Constitutions Sri Lanka

From Words to Deeds – Implementing Constitutions

Every year approximately ten countries rewrite their political DNAs by adopting a new constitution or significantly changing the existing text. Much attention is paid to constitutional negotiations and the drafting of new texts. This process is often difficult and success is rightly celebrated. But a constitution is only a formal achievement. The bigger struggle is applying the constitution in practice.

Our Briefing Paper “From Words to Deeds – Implementing Constitutions” walks you through everything constitution-makers need to consider throughout the process if they want the new text to endure: how to generate ownership of the constitution from day one; how to shape the transition period from the old to the new constitution without creating legal chaos; how to avoid unrealistic constitutional promises that will undermine confidence in the document in the long run; which institutions should monitor that a new constitution is being implemented and how?
Written by leading constitutional expert Markus Böckenförde, the Briefing Paper provides the answers in nine concise pages.

Read our briefing paper below.


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