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Protecting Civic Space in Sri Lanka: Discussions with Civil Society on Freedom of Expression, Association, and Assembly

DRI Sri Lanka is working to safeguard freedom of expression, association, and assembly within the country, as part of the project "Protecting civic space in Sri Lanka to overcome challenges to fundamental freedoms". DRI Sri Lanka hopes to support the Sri Lanka civil society in creating a more open and inclusive society by raising awareness and addressing existing legislative measures that undermine these fundamental freedoms.

As part of this endeavour, DRI Sri Lanka has conducted a series of discussions working closely with civil society to understand the ground reality.

The discussions, which took place between 12-16 May, encompassed seven sessions across five districts. The series of activities shed light on the current threats faced by freedom of expression, association, and assembly in Sri Lanka, both online and offline. By engaging with civil society, DRI Sri Lanka gathered valuable input that will contribute to the development of the strategic plan to strengthen internal structures and strategic priorities of Sri Lanka civil society to improve its response to legislative and administrative measures that undermine civic space.

Check the gallery below for pictures of the event.

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