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Toolkit: Like, Share, Change: Youth, politics & the digital sphere

This toolkit results from the experience and learning gathered by DRI Tunisia and its partners Al Qatiba and Yaluna Magazine during the implementation of the #Y-TeD project “Youth Talks e-Democracy” funded by the Ifa Zivik Foundation.
We want to share our experience to make it easier to foster youth political participation and civic engagement online.
This toolkit is dedicated to civil society organizations (CSOs), activists, formal or informal youth groups, and media and content creators who want to promote youth engagement in the democratic discourse using social media.
You will find information and practical recommendations that will support you in developing your social media strategy and your online campaign in an effective way. These tips, tools, and methodologies will help you amplify youth voices to influence public opinion and conduct effective campaigning that is youth-centered and youth-friendly.
The toolkit will help you:
  • Understand youth engagement in the political discourse in Tunisia
  • Get you thinking about the types of content you can use on your social media channels and how to present content in an impactful way
  • Support you in planning and evaluating your social media strategy
  • Develop a youth engagement campaign that is focused on solutions and taking a stand

This toolkit is available in English and Arabic.  

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