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AI and Human Rights: Surveillance State vs Innovation

With the latest efforts in the EU to create a regulatory framework that would balance the risks and benefits of AI, the discussion on how to protect citizens’ fundamental freedoms and rights while maintaining leadership in technological innovation has intensified. Some argue that protections against privacy infringements, discrimination, and biases within different AI applications may stifle innovation in a sphere that has traditionally seen little regulation.
This is especially when it comes to competing against states like China, where economic interests and strive for technological dominance often prevail over human rights. With external aggression at its border, Ukraine needs to anchor fringe technologies for its national security. Ukraine’s vibrant civil society and human rights organizations can play a vital role to ensure human rights are not neglected in this process.
Join us at 3-5 pm (UTC+02) on 5 August via Zoom to learn more.
Topics we are going to discuss:
  •  Is AI ethical enough? AI ethics-washing vs Human Rights by default;
  •  Balancing between regulation and innovation;
  •  Race against China’s technological dominance: human rights as an advantage rather than a holdback;
  •  AI independence for an emerging country;
  •  The role of human rights advocacy in addressing risks of AI.
  • Jesse Lehrke, Research Coordinator, Digital Democracy, Democracy Reporting International
  • Vitaliy Goncharuk, Head of the Expert Committee on the Development of Artificial Intelligence of Ukraine
  • Matt Sheehan, Fellow of the Paulson Institute’s think tank, MacroPolo
  • and others
The discussion will be held in English and Ukrainian (interpretation available in Zoom upon registration).

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