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DRI returns to Kyiv to support democracy under war and EU accession process

Democracy Reporting International returns to Kyiv with a renewed mission to support the development of Ukraine’s democratic institutions, enhance their resilience in times of war, and assist the country’s journey towards accessing the European Union.   

Our new office in Ukraine will begin implementing the Democratic Accession, Resilience and Engagement in Ukraine (Ukraine-DARE)  project, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office and will be implemented jointly with the leading local think tank, the Center of Policy and Legal Reform; and the Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition, a network bringing together 50 Ukranian networks and organisations working towards national reform. We will also partner with government institutions, parliament and various municipalities.  

The project consists of three pillars:  

 1Enhancing the compatibility of Ukraine’s legislation with EU law 

Under this pillar, we will foster discussions around the progress and priorities during Ukraine’s process of alignment with EU law and help institutions identify key gaps. Additionally, we will increase the public’s awareness of Ukraine’s efforts to bring itself closer to the European Union.  

2Building political and citizen consensus around challenges to democracy during the war and in preparation for peace 

Under the second pillar, we will convene relevant actors in the political sphere for a dialogue on maintaining and developing Ukrainian democracy under the current martial law. We will also work towards the public, enhancing their knowledge of how Ukrainian institutions are performing amid Russia’s invasion, as well as their challenges and potential improvements.

3Increase youth engagement around democracy and the integration of internally displaced persons 

Under the third and final pillar, we will work towards youth development and empowerment, particularly focusing on regions affected by war. In that work, we will also include internally displaced persons. To do so, we will improve the state’s capacity for youth development, implement mobility programmes, provide grants and organise democracy schools.  

We will also enhance the public’s awareness of young people’s capacity to contribute to democratic change, as well as their resilience in coping with the effects of war.  

Our recent work on Ukraine

While we had to close its office in Kyiv in 2022 when Russia launched their unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, we continued to support Ukrainians in their fight for a free and democratic country. Last year, DRI conducted a first check-up of Ukraine’s democratic institutions during wartime. 

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