Geoffrey Weichselbaum


Belgian, with some fifteen years of work experience in the fields of conflict resolution, political analysis, and democratisation in the MENA region, Africa, and Pakistan. Geoffrey’s professional record includes NGO and United Nations field experience in mediation, Track Two dialogues, and use of media as a tool for conflict resolution. In the democratisation sector, he participated in numerous election observation missions for the European Union and The Carter Center. Since early 2011, Geoffrey has been leading Democracy Reporting International’s efforts in Tunisia, supporting civil society and political actors spearheading the democratic transition. Geoffrey has been the editor of the Search for Common Ground News Service and the Bulletin of Regional Cooperation in the Middle East. He has co-authored DRI reports on Morocco, Sudan, Pakistan and Tunisia, and published op-eds for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Huffington Post Maghreb, Open Democracy, and other media. He is a guest speaker at the Aix Marseille University Masters degree Droit de la reconstruction institutionnelle des Etats en situation post-conflictuelle. He is currently based in Tunis.