Democracy Ukraine

DRI stands with Ukraine and condemns the Russian assault on democracy and international law

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) condemns the unprecedented and unjustified Russian attack against Ukraine. The use of military force by the Russian Federation has no grounds in international law and is a rejection of value-based security order in Europe. A violation of Ukrainian sovereignty stands contrary to core values of the Charter of the United Nations and multiple other international obligations Russia accepted and has now discarded. 

This Thursday, we woke up to a grim situation that recalls the darkest days of European history.  

The ongoing assault against democracy has reached a new high with the brutal use of force against a peaceful, independent country. The attack was preceded by years of disinformation and cyberattacks against democracies in Europe and beyond. Russia has illegally attacked Ukraine ever since Ukrainians expressed their will in the Maidan protests.  

Our organisation has worked in Ukraine since 2014 to promote democracy, the rule of law, and human rights. We have worked with hundreds of Ukrainians across the country: Students, academics, journalists, civil servants and politicians. We have seen Ukrainians of all walks of life, speaking both Ukrainian and Russian, representing all regions of the country, working together to strengthen democratic governance and common European values. Seeing these people endangered by acts of rampant aggression leaves us shocked and disgusted. We call upon the international community to provide Ukraine with all necessary assistance and to react in the strongest terms to this attack on European peace and stability. We remain convinced that Ukraine is strong and ultimately will prevail.  

Our office in Kyiv is currently closed. DRI is in touch with our former colleagues and friends in Ukraine.

Photo credit: Evgeny Feldman/Wikimedia Commons