Democratic discourse Lebanon

Summary: The Political Metamorphosis of Lebanon’s Civil Society

Amidst the changes in the political sphere in Lebanon and the emergence of anti-establishment groups, Democracy Reporting International (DRI), in collaboration with Action Research Associates (ARA), mapped the emerging civil society groups, networks, and new political contenders and developed a report about their internal structures, programmatic agenda, the challenges they face internally and externally, gaps and needs, and their capacity to engage citizens in the political process.

The report visualises the current network of relationships between groups, negative and positive, their stance regarding sectarianism,
administrative decentralisation, Hezbollah’s weapons, approaches to rooting out corruption, restoring the banking and finance sector, collaboration with traditional parties, and other emerging topics and trends.

You can find more in the summary of the report. You can download it from the below attachment.  


DRI-LEB-ARA Report Summary Download