Constitutions Ukraine

Teachers in Ukraine discuss interactive methods to teach constitutional law

Law school teachers from all over Ukraine met in Cherkasy and learnt how to present constitutional law as a set of values and principles for their students. During two weekends in March and April, DRI Ukraine, in cooperation with Vostok-SOS, conducted workshops in order to simulate interactive ways of teaching and therefore increase students’ interest and knowledge in the field of constitutional law.

In our approach we focus on democracy, human rights, the rule of law and separation of powers. Our experts emphasised the contemporary constitutional discourse in Ukraine and its current challenges.

The workshop provided teachers with a wide range of techniques and tools to connect with students, such as: constitutional law games, quizzes, smartphone applications, online tasks, visualisation of information, and more. Participants mentioned that application of at least some of these methods will significantly diversify the ways in which to reach out to students and make it more accessible to understand the subject.

We foresee inviting again some participants of the two workshops to share their insights on their practical application of the new tools and the feedback received. Good practices will raise awareness on new teaching methods and will hopefully initiative revision of the school courses “Law” and “Introduction to civic education”.