About DRI Ukraine

Democracy Reporting International (DRI) has been active in Ukraine since the 2014 revolution, promoting active civil society involvement in reform processes and the political participation of youth.  

What we do 

Our work in Ukraine focuses on three important areas:

  • Increase the political engagement of youth within their communities, making local governance stronger and more sustainable.
  • Ensure the voices of human rights defenders and other civil society beyond the capital region are heard in the national discussions on democratic reforms.
  • Support the constitutional reform process and work to increase transparency in the country’s law-making process.

How we do it 

We use a host of different methods to turn our goals into reality, including:

  • Training civil society groups on how to advocate for reforms safely and effectively as well as monitor their implementation.
  • Organising educational programmes for youth to improve their political knowledge and help them develop their own initiatives for solving community issues.
  • Engaging youth in policy discussions by holding debate tournaments on participatory democracy and local governance.
  • Placing young professionals in internships in local administrations to gain tangible work experience within public service.
  • Providing expertise and analysis on constitutional and judicial reforms and encouraging open debate between stakeholders on these issues.


  • Going beyond Kyiv: Empowering regional actors of change to contribute to key political reforms Phase II – Working to improve local participatory governance and promote a culture of well-informed and active citizens who can contribute to Ukrainian political reforms, DRI engaged with civil society organisations, hosted educational workshops, and raised public awareness on democratic transition processes.
  • Tangible Democracy – Engaging Youth and Civil Society in the Political Process across Ukraine – In this new project, DRI will continue its work strengthening democratic structures in Ukraine, by enhancing tangible opportunities for civic agency and increasing youth participation at the local level, making democracy more sustainable.