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Briefing Paper 58: Ukraine’s new local election law: A missed reform opportunity

Ukraine’s parliament missed an opportunity for a real reform of democratic accountability through elections, when it amended the local election law in a manner that was not consultative and inclusive, resulting in a law that brings few improvements to its earlier versions.

In June 2015 an official consultative process to amend the local election law was cut short when parliament rapidly adopted an amendment proposal that had never been presented or discussed publicly. The law serves the parties’ interest by maintaining a strong degree of party control of candidates and by upholding toothless regulations of campaign financing that will do little to prevent corruption.

Developed jointly by Democracy Reporting International and Reanimation Package of Reforms, the briefing paper discusses the advantages and shortcomings of the new local election law. It also offers a number of recommendations for comprehensive election reforms that that should start well in advance of the next elections, preferably immediately after the 2015 local elections.

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