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Implementation of the 2014 Constitution at the legal framework - the balance sheet

The report below aims to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the 2014 Tunisian Constitution and its application up until 24 July 2021, when President Kais Saied dismissed Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi and froze the activities of the legislative chamber. 

This decision to suspend the Assembly of People's Representatives under Presidential Decree No. 2021-80 of 29 July 2021 and subsequently its dissolution on 30 March 2022, shows a rupture with the Constitution of 27 January 2014. President Kais Saied moved forward with the suspension under the pretext of a state of exception, for which he invoked article 80 of the Constitution on 25 July 2021.
Since 2015, DRI has published twelve (12) six-monthly reports monitoring the implementation of the 2014 Constitution. 

The latest instalment continues to take stock of the legal texts issued for the application and implementation of the Tunisian Constitution until 24 July 2021, nevertheless focusing on the difficulties and obstacles that have prevented the implementation of many provisions. The report aims to evaluate this legal process and draw lessons from Tunisia's recent constitutional experience. 

This report is available in French and Arabic versions.

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